Brian Creath

Marketing is Losing Its (Perceived) Value.

In Brand, Communications, Corporate Marketing, Marketing, Messaging, Strategy on April 22, 2010 at 11:47 am

The devaluation of marketing certainly hasn’t happened overnight. It is a generational trend. And the more pervasive technology becomes in the marketing world, the faster marketing (especially marketing strategy) is losing its perceived value.

In our experience over the past three decades, we have seen five (5) factors emerge as major contributors to this decline:

  1. The growing separation of business and marketing strategy and the inevitable question that follows: What value are we getting from marketing? This question starts with the board of directors and CEO, filtering down from executive management to those in charge of the marketing function.
  2. The devaluation of marketing strategy: a generational problem that continues to confuse tactics for strategy.
  3. The devolution of traditional marketing management, as strategic thinkers continue to be replaced by tactical ‘do-ers.’
  4. The accelerating speed of technology, converging with audience fragmentation and splintering communication distribution outlets.
  5. The divergence of internal disciplines, such as sales, marketing, operations and the executive suite. As these silos strengthen, so too does insular thinking. There’s no better example of this growing ‘disconnect’ than the separation of business and marketing strategy—to the point where marketing no longer truly fulfills its original intent.

It’s why we built Cohesion in the first place: to reestablish the value and purpose of marketing, based in the reality of today’s ever-changing business climate. And, to help organizations more effectively and consistently deliver relevance to their stakeholders.

(By the way, if your organization is ready to reestablish the value of its marketing, or if you’re simply looking for stronger brand and communications messaging, I know a firm that can help.)

While I’m working on my next post, I hope you’ll read about how Cohesion helps organizations successfully align structure, strategy and messaging to consistently deliver more relevance to stakeholders, here.


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